My Life as an Escort
First Client in a While

I’ve been on Spring Break and back home, so that’s why I haven’t been working and my excuse for the lack of updates. Sorry!

But I’m back and here to tell you about my first client since I’ve been back, J.

I arrive to this large house, which was nice, and it was beautiful on the inside as well. With my heels on, J was shorter than me, so he was probably around 5’3 or so. He was very nice and when he let me in, he was watching the tail end of a movie. We bantered about it a little bit, it was a very odd alien movie that ended rather stupidly. Can’t recall the name however. Side something?

When I asked him what he did for a living, he told me he worked at Mcdonald’s.

As a supervisor. And apparently he’s been doing that since he was 15, working at Mcdonald’s. 

So uh, okay. Having this huge beautiful house really doesn’t seem to click with a Mcdonald’s employee to me.

But other than that, he was super nice. He loved kissing my neck. He also had a rather large member, having to need to use a magnum condom. I always get a little excited when I see that gold and black wrapper coming out~

Hi love. Im posting anonymously just incase you reply to this and everyone knows it was me. But just a hint... you follow me, and im a stripper in vegas.
Anyways im also an escort but I dont post much about it.
Can I ask what city youre in and percentage your agency takes from you? Ive never worked for an agency before.... and anyways... vegas is like no other city in the world for escorting so it wouldnt matter anyways. Im just curious how other citys do it.
I was an escort in portland too... and that sucked! portland sucks dick for our line of work lol!!

I’m in Albany, NY. My agency doesn’t take a percentage unless I receive over $600. The fee for the agency is $70 unless it is a regular, because then it is $60. Over $600 dollars it is 20% fee. And you’re lucky you work in Vegas for escorting, at least it is legal there!

The day started bad, but ended on a good note.

Originally, I told The Boss there was no way I could work today, the roads were too snowy and I wouldn’t be able to get out of my spot. But after about an hour and a half, it was sunny out and they plowed some of my apartment’s parking lot, so I called telling him to put me on for today.

My first client of the day, P2, was in the shadiest hotel I’ve ever seen. The Boss warned me it was crappy, but even his words didn’t prepare me for it. He should have also told me that the man matched the hotel. Let me try to describe it for you.

  • When I first walked in, it was dark, and smelled strongly of beer and cigarettes. If I wanted that smell, I could have gone to a frat party.
  • THE GUY HAD MISSING TEETH. He told me they got knocked out during a fight, and that he wasn’t a redneck. Uh huh.
  • He also made me suck his dick so deep to the point tears came to my eyes, so, I don’t plan on letting him book me again.
  • After all of that, he paid me pretty low, compared to all the other clients I’ve seen so far.

Now later on, after that mess, I relaxed in my apartment for a few hours. Around 10:30pm, I get a call for a new guy, at a Holiday Inn Express. After a bunch of motels, a Holiday Inn feels like the Ritz to me.

Now this guy should have been the model for every client. He was sweet, attentive, and oh so gentle. He’s also the first client I’ve seen that actually sexually satisfied me. Unfortunately he is not from around where I am, he was traveling for business. 

He would have been the BEST regular. :(

Appointment with S in the morning~ Night!

Ugh, I hate having to cancel appointments because of the snow. :\

Usually, I try to assess a person’s wealth by what I see before I go into an appointment. If they are at a hotel, I look at their car (or what I assume to be their car). Escalades and mustangs are a good sign. I’d rather not see a ‘96 honda civic. But if I go to their house I have a little more to look at.

This client, M, didn’t do well on that test. His house wasn’t fancy looking on the outside; it wasn’t even a big house. His car seemed rather normal. But you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover, as was the case with M.

The first thing I notice about him is he is very heavy-set. I once dated a man who was much heavier than me (250 pounds or so), but this guy was a bit more. I could already tell that was going to be a little bit of a problem.

He was nice enough, he gave me a drink and we talked for a little bit, and then he started kissing me, and playing with my nipples. He really liked how sensitive my nipples were, and how my body just quivered when they were played with.

He ate me out for a pretty long time, as I mentioned earlier, it seems to be the running trend.

When we finally got to the sex part, it basically didn’t happen. Oh we tried, but he was too soft and the angle was bad. We couldn’t change the angle because of the issue with his weight. I really did try to get it in there, haha.

But eventually we gave up and I got dressed and he said he wanted to see me again. The whole time we were talking, before and after, he kept making references to him wanting to be my sugar daddy and things like that. The Boss already warned me he tries to get girls to give them their actual number and go behind the agency and The Boss’s back, and I don’t want to do that, so I was wise to his moves. 

He ended up giving me about $150 more than I usually get, so sometimes my detective work isn’t always accurate.

getting a little frustrated because my profile/photos aren’t on the agency website yet and we did them monday.

at least my profile should be up. but it’s not.

The first thing I thought when I arrived at the motel was, “this is the seediest looking motel I’ve ever seen”. It wasn’t as gross looking on the inside, however, there were mirrors everywhere and it was kind of nice.

When I walked into my appointment, there was porn playing on the television and my client, P had his shirt already off and his belt unbuckled. According to The Boss, it was his lunch break, and apparently he knew what he wanted in the time he had.

It didn’t take long for us to get down to business. He ate me out for a really long time, it seems that every guy I’ve seen so far (even though it hasn’t been many), they really enjoy eating me out. How opposite to most of the guys I’ve dated.

I sucked his cock for some time as he continued playing with my pussy, and I was pretty sufficiently wet. I must have got him really started, because he was only in me for probably 10 seconds before he pulled out and came all over my boobs and stomach.

So far, this is the oldest client I have had. He had white hair, and a lot of white chest hair. When I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw him getting into his car, all dressed in his work clothes. It made me smile, all his co-workers probably think of him as this professional man, but he fucks girls and pays them on his lunch break. A little amusing to me~

My First Real Client

So last night I was supposed to have a client at 11:30 pm. The clock slowly ticked closer to the time, and I got everything ready except my makeup. I called The Boss at around 10:30 to find out if he knew anymore details. Apparently the guy was supposed to call him at 9:30 and let him know, and obviously didn’t. So The Boss texted him and called him, no response. Apparently earlier he was playing poker, maybe he lost so much he couldn’t afford me anymore?

This morning I had a client at 10:30. It was my first actual client. I got myself up and ready and primped and pampered to look my best. Because it was in a hotel, and not a house/apartment, I’m always going to assume that they might be married/have a girlfriend, so I wear men’s deodorant instead of women’s or perfume. Old spice obviously~

The client, we’ll call him S, is apparently a regular to the agency. I was a little nervous, and he could sense it, but my nerves went away pretty quickly. The first thing he said when I walked in was how beautiful I was, even though I still had my heavy coat on. We began by making out, his hands slowly caressing me and squeezing my ass. His hands slipped up my dress, and he played with my clit through my thong. Eventually, when I took my dress off, all he could say was, “Wow”.

He fucked me with me on the bottom, and then he fucked me doggy style, cumming on my back in the end. I left my heels on the whole time. He cleaned my back off with a warm washcloth, and dried me off with a towel. We talked for a little bit, and then he bid me goodbye, telling me he was definitely going to book me next week.

I’m leaving for another client in ten minutes. More stories to tell~! 

Yes, and thank you~ I was diagnosed three years ago, at 16. My body has definitely been able to handle it better than when I first was diagnosed, but it still can be an utter pain (literally haha) It’s always nice to hear from others who understand.

Yes, and thank you~ I was diagnosed three years ago, at 16. My body has definitely been able to handle it better than when I first was diagnosed, but it still can be an utter pain (literally haha) It’s always nice to hear from others who understand.

my legs finally stopped hurting today

something i’ll probably mention only here once and that’s it because i don’t want to make a big deal of it: i have fibromyalgia as well as arthritis and some other conditions but i’m going to try pretty much the best i can to not let any of those affect my work. 

if that means fucking some guy when my hips feel like absolute death, then so let it be.

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